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Water Under the Bridge

As we continue through our "Happily Ever After", we're always most excited about our current projects.

We've created this page in order to remember and share the delights and the lessons learned from past projects.  The links are to reports which might have been written for funders, newsletters or newspapers.

Lyth Arts Centre Community Development Project 2012/13

Lyth Arts Centre was funded by the Roberston Trust for this project, which comprised 3 main strands:

1. Outreach work to encourage participation in musical activities among disadvantaged teenagers.
2. Developing Lyth's "VIP" ticketing scheme which provides subsidised tickets for socially disadvantaged members of the local community.
3. Organising and promoting community music workshops at Lyth Arts Centre.

For a full report on our Lyth/Robertson activities during 2012/13, click here.

Mount Pleasant Primary School Symphony Orchestra Day 2013

This ambitious event brought together 70 young musicians, aged 8 to 11, all from the same primary school, to form a symphony orchestra.  We performed three world premieres and had loads of fun! 
Here's the report of the day, with lots of photos, which Katrina wrote to share the good work that's happening at Mount Pleasant School with other teachers and musical communities throughout the UK and the world: Social Enterprise on a Symphonic Scale

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