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Opportunities to join in...

Here in Caithness there are SO many opportunities to join in the music making. Susie and Katrina are involved in the running of many community groups for all ages and abilities. See if there's something here to suit you.  Face-to-face group music making has been slow to recover from the pandemic but we're pleased to say that all groups have now resumed regular rehearsals.  Get in touch with us for more details by ringing 01847 893517.


Caithness Handbell Ringers

10.15 - 12 noon, St Anne's Church, Thurso

Katrina is the voluntary musical director of this friendly community bell ringing team. Anyone is welcome to join - it is not necessary to be able to read music or have any previous experience of playing an instrument because you can learn all that here every Saturday morning.  The team is planning to attend the HRGB National Rally in Stirling in April 2023, so now is a great time to join in as we prepare for that.  The Rally is an inspiring learning experience for new ringers, with workshops at all levels of ability, while our more experienced ringers will enjoy performing to a UK-wide audience at the concert in Stirling.


Sunday Night Band

7.30-9pm, The Rugby Club, Millbank Road, Thurso - this group is a line-up of saxes, trumpets, trombones, guitar, bass and drums, playing music in the Big Band style. 

Katrina is the voluntary musical director of this group, too.


It's a friendly Big Band line-up which welcomes complete beginners and adult learners. With musical instruments available to lend, this group provides the ideal support network for anyone who's always wanted to learn the trumpet, trombone or saxophone and feels they've never had the chance. No more excuses - now you DO have the chance! 


Caithness Junior Orchestra

4-5, Mount Pleasant School Hall, Thurso (but please get in touch with us before you come along for the first time!)

Susie conducts this friendly youth orchestra which meets weekly during term time. Membership is open to any young musician aged 8 to 18 who is learning to play an orchestral instrument. We currently have around 30 members from 10 different Caithness Schools. To join, just fill out a membership form and get in touch.

Wick Choral Society

7.15-9.15, St John's Episcopal Church, Wick

Susie is the musical director of this large and friendly choral society, which sings 4 part repertoire (SATB) with piano and, sometimes, with orchestral accompaniment. If you'd like to join the choir, contact Susie directly through this website. There are no auditions and everyone is welcome. 


The Caithness Orchestra

7.30-9.30 Mount Pleasant Primary (term time only)

Susie is the conductor of this wonderful community orchestra. This is a chamber orchestra which welcomes anyone who can play an orchestral instrument. The membership includes musicians of all abilities from about grade 3 up to fully qualified professional musicians and the repertoire includes both light music and symphonies.




The Caithness Big Band

7.30-9.30, Thurso Baptist Church, Thurso

Susie and Katrina are both playing members of this community Big Band. This is the "big sister" band of the learners' group (which meets on a Sunday night) so attendance at Thursday rehearsals is by invitation only. But if you're new to the area and an experienced player on a Big Band instrument then please do get in touch to discuss whether you could join our friendly, high quality performance band.


Pentland Junior Brass Band

6.30-7pm, Baptist Church, Thurso

Katrina volunteers as musical director of this junior brass band which provides instruments and tuition free of charge to any school age child. 

Pentland Brass Band

7-8.30pm Baptist Church, Thurso 

Katrina plays cornet and is the assistant bandleader for the senior band, which is a friendly community band, open to anyone of any age who is interested in learning about playing a brass instrument. The band has instruments to lend to newcomers who are willing to attend weekly rehearsals.

"Singing for Health" Choir

2.15-3.15, Wednesdays, Thurso West Church

Susie has been working in collaboration with the North Highland Cancer Information and Support Centre in Thurso to create a "just for fun" Health Choir. Members meet to sing favourite songs together and have a laugh, because we all know that happiness leads to health! Get in touch with Susie or just turn up if you'd like to join this happy sing-a-long club.

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